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Topic: Preparing for Back to School
July 5, 2011.pdf

Topic: Implementing Technology/Web 2.0 in

Daily Lessons

July 12, 2011.pdf

Topic: Helping Reluctant Readers Get Hooked

on Reading

July 19, 2011.pdf

Topic: Reaching and Teaching Students with

Math Anxiety

July 26, 2011.pdf

Topic: Bullying: What Can We as Teachers Do?

August 2, 2011.pdf

Topic: Enriching Math Skills in 5th Grade

August 9, 2011.pdf

Topic: The Writing Process...Programs We Love,

Approaches That Work

August 16, 2011.pdf

Topic: Making Social Studies Come to Life

August 23, 2011.pdf

Topic: Teacher Tips Galore!

August 30, 2011.pdf

Topic: Awesome SmartBoard or Interactive

Whiteboard (IWB) Sites

September 6, 2011.pdf

Topic: Ideas and Techniques for Behavior


September 13, 2011.pdf

Topic: Developing Editing & Revision Skills

in Writing

September 20, 2011.pdf

Topic: Reading Assessment in the Classroom

September 27 2011.pdf

Topic: Student and Class Blogs

October 4 2011.pdf

Topic: What Tech Tools Do You Use?

October 11, 2011.pdf

Topic: Project Based Learning (PBL)

October 18 2011.pdf

Topic: Student Portfolios

October 25, 2011.pdf

Topic: Drama Activities

November 1, 2011.pdf

Topic: Executive Function in the Classroom &

Supporting Students

November 8, 2011.pdf

Topic: Math

November 15 2011.pdf

Topic: Favorite Tweechers and Blogs

November 22, 2011.pdf

Topic: Teaching Ideas for Novels

December 6, 2011.pdf

Topic: Class Meetings

December 13, 2011.pdf

Topic: Grammar Resources

December 20, 2011.pdf

Topic: New Year Resolutions

January 3, 2012.pdf

Topic: Alternatives to Book Reports

January 10, 2012.pdf

Topic: Math Centres/Stations

January 17, 2012.pdf

Topic: Documenting Learning

January 24, 2012.pdf

Topic: Making Math Relevant

January 31, 2012.pdf

Topic: Beyond Comprehension Questions

February 7, 2012.pdf

Topic: Addressing Math Learning Disabilities

February 21, 2012.pdf

Topic: Engaging Students

February 28, 2012.pdf

Topic: Smartboard (IWB) Resources

March 7, 2012 .pdf

Topic: Inquiry and Project Based Learning

March 13, 2012.pdf

Topic: E-Portfolios in 5th Grade

March 27, 2012.pdf

Topic: iPads in the Classroom

April 3, 2012.pdf

Topic: Study Skill "Tricks" and Strategies

April 10, 2012.pdf

Topic: Visible Thinking

April 17, 2012.pdf

Topic: Earth Day Activities

April 24, 2012.pdf

Topic: Creating a Culture of Thinking

May 1, 2012.pdf

Topic: End of the Year Activities

May 8, 2012.pdf

Topic: Tools for Documenting Student Work

May 15, 2012.pdf

Topic: Developing Critical Thinking Skills

May 22, 2012 .pdf

Topic: Movie Making

May 29, 2012.pdf

Topic: Online Assessments

Topic: Authentic Assessment Tools

Topic: Fun Summer Learning - Avoid the Slide!

Topic: BOYD/BYOT Plans and Ideas

Topic: Inquiry Based Learning